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With over 20 years DJ, production and event promoting experience, Scheme Boy has been an integral part of the UK’s underground music scene.  Whether it is Acid, IDM, Breakcore, Bass, Techno or Hardcore, Scheme Boy had covered it all… and usually in one set!

As a DJ, Scheme Boy is a festival favourite with many appearances at Bang Face, Balter, Glade, Boomtown and Defqon1 to his name. His world-renowned multi-genre sets stick out from the rest of the crowd as he weaves a sonic tapestry like no other, pulling threads from all sorts of scenes and styles to make his sound unique, personal and emotive. As someone who has worked largely within the Breakcore and Hardcore scenes of Europe, he hasn’t been scared to make melody and harmony a vital part of his set creation. There’s more to his shows than just dancefloor groove. They’re an emotional rollercoaster as well.

As a producer, Scheme Boy has worked with The Teknoist, Dolphin, Enduser, Kursa, Ben Pest and many more over the years. He has featured on the following labels; Ninja Columbo, Peace Off/Bang-a-Rang, Industrial Strength, Sustained Records, Nekrolog1k, Ad Noiseam, Rancorous Records, Anticlone, Love Love and Murder Channel. He has also been featured on a variety of video games and TV shows as well as contributing work to over 70 music education text books.

As a promoter, Scheme Boy started out co-founding London’s Adverse Camber collective, responsible for the infamous Awesome Power parties. 20 years later he is still organising events, featuring both legends from the scene and new upcoming talent, as part of his Varispeed Artist Management agency.