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Towering at over 6’7” and armed with a repertoire of relentless amen fury, Smyla is a literal beast, both physically and sonically. It’s like letting a sabre-toothed tiger loose in the rave. His sets are wild and ferocious and nobody is coming out unscathed.

Smyla is influenced by hard/dark DnB masters Limewax and Tech Itch and has collaborated with many of the scene’s other legends such as Gein and Bkey. Given the tearout nature of his signature sound, Smyla is just as at home on a breakcore line-up as he is on jungle/DnB one, as his discography on Jungle Syndicate, Amental, Our Fucking Jungle and Murder Channel attests.

Since 2011 Smyla has built up his label, Mute:8 Recordings, to be one of the mainstays of the dark DnB community.  It has a wonderful back catalogue of breakbeat fire and features many of the scene’s heroes like The Sect and Lucio de Rimanez. Get to know Mute:8 if you haven’t already!

Aside from joining the Varispeed family, the next big move for this animal is his upcoming release on the mighty PRSPCT Records. We can’t wait to see him give Rotterdam a damn good dose of breakbeat fuckery, UK style.

In the meantime, here’s a promo mix he’s knocked out for us. It’s full of his latest creations, collaborations and remixes and showcases his signature sound perfectly…