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Seppa has been producing beats for the best part of a decade, always finding new ways to keep the dance floor interesting. After working with a variety of small labels as Duskky, it was Wonk#ay Records (which he now co-runs with Bunkle and Aytch) that really pushed him into becoming what he is today. Playing a variety of parties, big and small, gave him a feel for what really works and that has influenced his productions up to the present.

In 2015 he changed his name to Seppa, releasing a single entitled “Trojan/Coriolis” on AutomAte Recordings in February 2016, which was followed up by the EP ‘Homunculus’ in April that year. In November 2016 he released the ‘Displaced’ EP, which covered a variety of atmospheres and speeds whilst keeping a consistently dance floor friendly sound. After meeting the Slug Wife crew, he turned out a raft of new material including 2018s full length solo album, ‘More’, and a jazz infused hip hop album ‘Bright Spots’ in collaboration with Chalky. 2019 saw him releasing an EP entitled ‘Stress’ and extensively touring the USA playing to crowds of all sizes across the country. 2020 saw the release of his second full length solo album, ‘Split’, and the second collaborative album with Chalky entitled ‘Strange Changes’.

On top of his creative endeavours he has also been providing mixing and mastering services for many years, and providing one-to-one production tuition. His recent tutorial for Producertech, ‘Advanced Bass Music Production Techniques 2’ was nominated for Music Tech Magazine’s ‘Gear of the Year 2020’ Best Accessory award.