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If, like us, you were disappointed by the lack acid breakcore mentalism on the most over-hyped release of the year, Syro, then you’ve sought out the right guy in Anorak to fill that void. A local staple to the Bristol rave scene for many years now, Anorak continues to blow every other artist he shares a stage with away.

His live sets have all the amen riddled breakcore you could ask for, with splatterings of hardcore kick drums and most importantly, all interwoven with fiery acid and beautiful melodies, tying his unique sound together and producing a project that is so much greater than the sum of its parts.

His album “4 Months” came out this year on Jungle Syndicate and here’s what they had to say abut it:

“Anoraks “4 months” LP is musical therapy in its true form, a direct expunging of negativity from within. Melancholic tones underpinning frantic drum edit fetishism accompanied by harsh bouts of acid, hardcore and tear out bass.
Written from January through to April 2014 “4 months” definitely has a winters chill. An all out
aggressive and abrasive aesthetic twinned with bleak and nihilistic vocal shots and synths that will leave a dancefloor violently sobbing.”

We couldn’t agree more and that is why we are extremely proud to be bringing Anorak into the Varispeed family.