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Finally June 2015 is upon us which means it must be showcase month! To get the ball rolling we have 2 events this month. The first is in our spiritual home of Bristol (UK) at this years Urbfest and the second is across the channel with our beloved brothers and sisters from Retox in Roterdam (NL). Both cities have been synonymous with breakcore and hardcore over the last 2 decades, so what better locations to begin the Varispeed showcases.

In over-the-top excitement and anticipation for these two events, we also decided to give our brand design a little overhaul, as you can see by the massive image at the top of this post! We hope you like the new look. All credit for the design goes to Machine Throne or as he is maybe better known, Gore Tech.

Anyway, back to the showcases…

Urbfest Banner 01

All in all, with regulars and new honoured guests, Varispeed has 16 artists infiltrating Urbfest 2015 (Saturday June 13th 2015). Our sonic maestros are all at the top of their game and ready to deliver the true sound of the underground right into the heart of Bristol, UK’s Mecca for breakcore.

We have Kanji Kinetic headlining the Diggit Bassline room at Coroners Court. We have 3 of our techno warlords (Luke McMillan, Fyerhammer & Xellmode) representing at the Unknown Soundsystem Techno Takeover (Lakota room 3) and of course we have our very own Varispeed showcase (Lakota room 2) from 9pm til 6am.

Show your love one on each of the rooms event pages:

The DJ Producer b2b Detest (exclusive debut performance)
Dolphin b2b Deathmachine
Ruby My Dear
Undead Roniin
MacheeeN Boi


Luke McMillan aka The DJ Producer

Kanji Kinetic


With just one week to pull ourselves together after the monster that is Urbfest, we’ll be heading to Rotterdam for the Retox hosted showcase (Saturday 20th June 2015) headlined by the infamous master of the kick drum assault, Rotator.

retox iv vs varispeed


If you would like further info on either of these events, the artists themselves or if you think your promotion company would be suitable to host a Varsipeed showcase, please get in touch –

For all showcase events we offer promoters significant discounts on both performance and booking fees, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch, book our artists and deliver a world class showcase that your punters will never forget.

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