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FFINN first came to our attention via her work as co-manager of Slugwife records, home of our bass warriors Kursa, Seppa and Broken Note.

After seeing her perform as opening act to the Slugwives numerous times, it became apparent that she was more than just a record label administrator. She was a highly skilled DJ with an excellent range of tune selections. A range that enables her to play to any room, at any time.

Since the summer of 2019 she has also performed some b2b sets with Varispeed bossman, Scheme Boy, much to his delight and the delight of their audiences. After they both crushed the opening set for Broken Note’s album launch party, Exit The Void, her place in the Varispeed family was cemented and we could not be happier to have her on board.

You can hear that set on her Mixcloud here:

From features on SWU.FM, to gracing the decks at gigs and festivals across Asia and the UK alongside acts like Ben Pest, Itoa, Kursa, The Teknoist and Samurai Breaks, FFINN has proven herself to be quite the discerning selector. With a keen interest in moving a crowd and with it, her free-form sets provide the atmosphere and energy required to get any party started, and also have the tendency to become unapologetically volatile on the dance floor.

Working in parallel to SLUG WIFE’s ethos, FFINN constantly seeks out various ways to blur the lines between genres in her music selection, with a firm belief that groove knows no boundaries.

The multi-faceted co-founder, art director, and resident DJ of Bristol independent record label and collective SLUG WIFE also goes by the moniker FYONAFINN for her graphic design and art endeavours.