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The Big Fuck-Off Cave (Day Rave #2)

On Saturday 16th April 2022, we’ll be heading back to Basement 45 (Bristol) for another DAY RAVE. The first day rave we did there last August for The Teknoist’s birthday went really well. We weren’t sure if that format would work, but over 250 of you came out to play that day. It was bloody marvellous.

For the second day rave we’re hoping to raise money for the British Cave Rescue Society. As you may have heard on the UK news a few months ago, our dear friend George, co-founder of teh DnB label Automate, suffered a horrible accident whilst caving in the Brecon Beacons. He was thankfully saved by 300 volunteers organised by the British Cave Rescue Council. This event is a small fundraiser for the volunteers so we can show our appreciation for getting George out of there alive. You can read all about George’s ordeal here.

Somatic Responses
The Teknoist & Scheme Boy
Agman Gora & Special Guest
Ben Pest
Ned Rush

Tickets are available from Headfirst

Event will be running from 2pm until 8pm on Saturday 16th April at Basement 45, Bristol