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After her training in classical music at a young age, Salander spent her formative years locked in a dark room creating noise music, laying the groundwork for her sonic vision of a neo-apocalypse future. The deciding moment of her career came at Bang Face Weekender in 2019, where she was exposed to the magnificence of the hardcore rave scene. From then onwards it became her life’s mission to learn, create and deliver only the hardest, most purifying anthems to the sonically starved peoples of the earth.

Salander’s music combines distorted basses, gut-punching snares, and kicks that you could cut your teeth on. All of which evokes a sense of cathartic rage, whilst maintaining an emotive edge, which is fundamental to her sound. In the hands of this consummate polyphonic composer, dystopia becomes something tangible, an evil that can be exorcised and tamed.

With multiple stellar performances at Balter Festival, Boomtown Fair and Varispeed already under her belt, and releases on Sonic Terror, Mindocracy and Coreligula, Salander is now ready to tour her craft far and wide.

Check out her mixes and previews of her Haxium EP on Sonic Terror Records below…