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Frank Rotator, head honcho of Peace Off, Ruff and Bang-a-Rang Records is not only a major force and influence within the breakcore scene as a label manager, but he is also one of the most popular and devastatingly brutal artists the scene has ever seen.

All hell really does break loose when he steps up to the stage.

Witness an intense and energetic mix of chopped up percussion, hard as nails 4/4 kicks and hoovering bass lines that will shake any dance floor around. Inject some furious ragga and breakcore mash-up behaviour and you are left with a feeling of being pleasantly used and abused.

Rotator will dismantle your firecrackers and bomb the place down cause he’s the perfect combination of French pastry and kamikaze riddims. He’s the, King of the dance floor and yardsales!” Sickboy