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Bang Face Weekender 2019: Audio & video, plus some thoughts from Scheme Boy

Ok so I know it’s a little late but ya know, life gets in the way. I wanted to wait until all the audio, video and photos were in and edited in a format that was actually useful to you guys. So here goes, my memoirs of BFW2019…

As some of you know, my relationship with Bang Face goes right back to its early beginnings. I remember finishing an Adverse Camber event one night back in 2003 (I think). As myself and the other members of the AdCam crew were packing down at The Spitz after hosting Wevie Stonder with the Werk crew for a meat themed party (yes, meat. It’s a long story but suffice to say there was a sausage slalom, chicken shy, pitch n putt with scotch eggs, the food not the artist, and a variety of other clear breaches of health and safety regulations). Hanging outside the venue and loading up our vehicles, the unmistakable sound of µ-ziq came washing over us. There was clearly a party going on nearby with people who had good taste in music.

Myself and Rory Randomoidz went to investigate. Our ears led us to what looked like (and what in fact used to be) an underground public toilet right next to Old Spitalfields Market. That was my first Bang Face experience, a big fucking rave in a toilet. It was filled with kids smashing it to a load of acidic jungle. It was heavenly. Despite being worn out after just completing an event ourselves, we stayed and joined the neo-rave armageddon for what would be the first of many.

I have lost count of the times I have been fortunate enough to be invited to play at Bang Face. Initially as Boep with Rory, when Bang Face was still in the downstairs of Traffik (BF06?), through to many of the events at Electrowerks and a good chunk of the weekenders from Camber Sands to Southport as Scheme Boy and sometimes alongside The Teknoist. I feel very honoured to have been a regular performer at these events for as long as I have. The weekenders just get better and better each year. Bang Face truly is my Mecca and I hope to be playing there until either I or Bang Face itself dies.

So lets fast forward to 2019. As head honcho of Varispeed I was entrusted by Frank Rotator to pull a special celebration out of the bag to celebrate 20 years of the infamous Peace Off Records, the label that gave most of us with any breakcore leanings our first shot at releasing music. For me the Bang Face Weekender was the ideal place for such a celebration and thankfully James and the rest of the BF crew were on board as well.

Overall we had 12 Peace Off artists featured at the 2019 BFW. The strongest presence yet of both Peace Off and Varispeed artists. This included a full all night take over of The Queen Vic on the Friday. What an intense and beautiful 7 hours it was to. From the sonic onslaught that is Monster X right through to Ars Dada at 6am. I have never been so proud of my crew as I was that night. Despite losing an hour of the night to event logistics out of our control and the sets forced down to 40mins each, they all played amazing sets, all displayed their individual flair and unique sound whilst never sounding out of place with each other. They fought as one unit that night. Sparta would be proud!

Here’s a time-lapse video of our entire take over at The Queen Vic…

Regrettably, due to needing to nurse some mildly head fucked loved ones back to reality, I missed both the End.user and Kanji Kinetic sets on the Saturday night, the last of the Varispeed artists to play. I’m gutted I missed them, but I heard nothing but good things about their performances. I’d expect nothing less from either of those legends.

After years of playing for Bang Face at Traffik, Electrowerks, BFTV, The Queen Vic and the Face Room, the opportunity to play the main (Bang) room (and be the closing act on opening night) meant the world to me. To share the experience with my long-term collaborator, Mike Teknoist, was simply awesome. I think it is probably one of our best joint performances to date and we’re very happy to be able to share some video of the set as well as the full audio recording. I hope you enjoy it and LONG LIVE BANG FACE!

We’re still looking for more hosts for the 20 Years of Peace Off celebrations. For that or any enquiries into booking Varispeed artists please email me at