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Varispeed Socialz

We are sure you don’t need reminding just how bad 2020-21 was for the live music industry. Almost overnight the entire industry was put on pause and with that so was most of our income. We are very proud of how our artists have managed to adapt and survive this awful period. Many of them have branched into teaching, freelance production work, mastering or just working hard to refine their own craft and make the most of this time off the road. We are already seeing the fruits of their labour as the material written during lockdown starts to get released. Now it is time to orchestrate some live shows so you can get to hear all this new material live, as it should be heard.

A big part of why Varispeed exists, aside from ensuring our artists are given a fair deal and compensation for their hard work and talent, is our community. A community that comprises both the artists and fans alike. Without a strong sense of community, the underground scenes in which we operate would not last long. Music brings us all together, helps form life-long friends and creates memories we’ll all take to our graves.

It is with this in mind that we are very pleased to announce a series of monthly shows in Bristol that will take us up to the end of 2021. We have all got a lot of catching up to do, both socially and musically. So, what better way to build some momentum, to come of lockdown at full speed and to bring us all back together, than a series of regular events that you can rely on to have the best multi-genre tunes and be amongst the best people to enjoy them with?

Starting August 2021, we present you with Varispeed Socialz, a monthly event to be held on the last Friday of each month at The Red Lion, Bristol, BS5. Each event will showcase both upcoming talent and established Varispeed regulars across multiple genres.

So, get involved, show up and support your ‘core!

#1: 27/08/21 – Bristol Breakcore Special

#2: 24/09/21 – ‘Core ‘n’ Bass Special

#3: 29/10/21 – Halloween Special

#4: 26/11/21 – Krest the Best Special

#5: 28/01/22 – We Made It To 2022!

#6: 25/02/22 – Anti-Valentines Special

#7: 25/03/22 – Northern Lords Special

#8: 29/04/22 – NightCore4TotalSluts Takeover

#9: 27/05/22 – Scheme Boy’s Birthday Special

#10: 24/06/22 – Northern Monkey’s Invasion

#11: 29/07/22 – Krest2: Still the Best

#12: 26/08/22 – West Yorkshire Jungle Special

#13: 30/09/22

#14: 28/10/22 – Halloween Special

#15: 25/11/22 – Dr. Bastardo Birthday Special

#16: 27/01/23 – 2023 Kickstarter!