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Varispeed is very proud to exclusively represent one of the most dynamic hardcore duos the scene has ever seen, Undead Ronin, the new techno project of early UK breakcore and hardcore fame, Scheme Boy & The Teknoist.

Using the combination of Scheme Boy’s meticulous layering in Ableton with The Teknoist’s brutal turntablism with Traktor Scratch, they have created a live show that is greater than the sum of its parts. Continuing in the same vein that gave birth to Ninja Columbo Records, Scheme Boy & The Teknoist are still genre bending techno to keep it fresh, exciting and above all else, musical.

In addition to cementing their live reputation, 2014 saw the boys release their first two tracks under the new Undead Roniin monkier; No Known Cure on The Teknoist’s Tank Alligator album (Industrial Strength) and Mutilated Core (Ninja Columbo 10). They both carried the duo’s original Ninja Columbo sound.

Since then this double act continues pushing the envelope of both content and delivery, making them a must for any big, fat, fuck-off rave!

Looking onwards, Undead Roniin are applying the same genre mashing ethos but to techno and heavy mid-tempo electronica. They gave an excellent example of this new approach at the recent Varispeed Xmas party (2018) at Basement 45 in Bristol. You can watch them re-recreate that set live from Varispeed HQ here: