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Jungle is a sound not yet represented by Varispeed, not in its truest form anyway. Sure we have all the jungle influenced breakcore you could swing a cat at, but straight up, fiery jungle was unfortunately missing. That is until now.

Algorithmic is a man of many talents, producer, DJ, sound engineer, certified bad man and the latest edition to the Varispeed roster. His energetic DJ sets and unique take on ragga jungle are reminiscent of a howler monkey gunning down loggers in the Amazon. A natural evolution, resulting in a technical sound, taking jungle to the quicker and more intricate end of the spectrum whilst maintaining it’s roots heritage and floor filling potential. His tracks have received much interest from some of the scene’s dons and aficionados, ensuring each track is an anthem in waiting.

Even straight from the get go, his first release (Dangerouuus – Our Fucking Jungle 2013), a re-working of a classic, showed he was more than capable of putting his own spin on the jungle sound, bringing it up to date, with the knock-on effect of smashing dancefloors all across Europe. The boy created an instant party with his first ever A-side.

Since then he has collaborated with breakcore supremo The Teknoist and released on Our Fucking Jungle’s sister label, Ninja Columbo.