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Algorithmic unleashes jungle fire upon Grey Meta!

Algorithmic‘s long-awaited EP, Play It Last, released by Grey Meta, showcases this junglist’s expertise and total command of the jungle genre. This is a proper Amen workout!

The EP’s opening track, Catch a Contact, blends hip-hop samples and punchy breaks with saturated bass stabs to create a powerful and intense impact. A perfectly crafted example of aggro party-jungle.

The second track of the EP, titled Busta Domes, features a more fluid and immersive rhythm that’s hard to resist. It incorporates slight elements of juke and footwork while staying true to the “big vibey jungle” style. The fast rhythm switch-ups and carefully crafted edits keep you engaged while still allowing space to settle into the groove.

The closing track, Pump Action, which could easily become the DJ’s A-side when festival season kicks in, begins with lush classic jungle pads that build into a frenzy of sirens, hardcore beats, female vocal gates, and ragga samples. Algorithmic’s expert use of these elements elevates the track beyond typical jungle tropes and creates a refreshing and energetic sound.

Play It Last stands out as an excellent addition to Algorithmic’s discography, as well as a valuable contribution to the jungle music genre. This EP is an opportunity to discover the unique sound of Algorithmic and to appreciate the hard work of the talented team at Grey Meta, who continue to deliver fantastic music with each new release.

You can preview and buy Play It Last below and directly from Grey Meta’s Bandcamp page.