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New signing – Anorak

We are extremely proud to be binging Anorak into the Varispeed family. His detailed, frenetic, yet highly emotive acidic-jungle is a breath of fresh air and deserves to be here amongst all the titans of big fuck-off rave.
With his debut LP, 4 Months, out this year on Jungle Syndicate all backed up by a jaw dropping live show, Anorak is ready to spread beyond his native Bristol and show the world exactly how acid tinged breakcore should and can be delivered live. One to watch!

Here’s what Jungle Syndicate had to say about the 4 Months album:

“Anoraks 4 months LP is musical therapy in its true form, a direct expunging of negativity from within. Melancholic tones underpinning frantic drum edit fetishism accompanied by harsh bouts of acid, hardcore and tear out bass.

Written from January through to April 2014 “4 months” definitely has a winters chill. An all-out aggressive and abrasive aesthetic twinned with bleak and nihilistic vocal shots and synths that will leave a dancefloor violently sobbing.”

Listen to the lo-res previews below or buy it in al its glory HERE.