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New releases from Anorak, Ars Dada, Repeat Eater and S.Murk

It’s a bumper Bandcamp Friday this month and we have some outstanding releases from our guys to let you in on. From jazz to jungle and acid to breakcore, we’ve got you covered. Now go listen, purchase, subscribe, whatever you can do to support the artists…


The year was 2021. In the deepest depths of a global pandemic, breakbeat science took a sinister and some might say deviant path. The being that they called Anorak started conducting experiments to determine the reactivity of breakbeats when bathed in the most ion dense, low pH solutions known to man. After years of impetuous exploration, this new batch of experiments revealed something no one dared even consider, that the maximum limit of exposure to acid that breakbeats had been previously exposed to, and had been generally accepted as scientific consensus, just wasn’t enough. More could be achieved and a new measurement scale may well be needed. Anorak‘s experiments, which we are proud to present to you, have been submitted to the World Health Organisation as a potential cure for empty dancefloors. It is theorised, if the results of these experiments are played, even at relatively low levels dancefloors may start forming. In the name of academic rigour, the experiments and equations were inspected by our Chief Scientific Advisor, Seppa, who added his secret mastering sauce for extra bang and categorically concluded that everything we feared was, in fact, worse than we had imagined. For the sake of your loved ones, open with care.


Ars Dada is back with a new release on Draug Media after last year’s well received EP Noir. Tenebris, along with Noir and an as of yet unfinished third EP, is to become a triple musical work spread over three different EP’s loosely describing the different stages of a cathartic process.

Where Noir is standing on the edge of the cliff above the abyss, Tenebris dives into the dark and paints the picture of the complete catastrophe. From the first track The Experiment Pt. I to last track The Experiment Pt. II, Ars Dada pulls the listener down a rabbithole of all encompassing jazz darkness, complimented by frenetic breakbeats, string harmonies, angry basslines and futuristic soundscapes. With him this time he’s got both local artists from his native city of Bodø’s music scene, and musicians from Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra.

Together they’ve created an electronic album that mercilessly pulls you into the freezing, arctic winternight of which you just cannot escape.


The story behind this first real LP from Repeat Eater (aka Stazma the Junglechrist) is somewhat of a tribute to two very different things, that got linked together in my life by pure hasard.

First to the Dune novel by Frank Herbert. It’s been one of my favorite book (series of books even) of all time and I have wanted to make an album related to it for a long time.

Secondly to the Detroit duo Drexciya. I have discovered their music and mythology fairly recently, around early 2017 and fell in love with it, to the point where they became a growing influence over the sound of my Repeat Eater side project.

It happened that I was reading Dune again for the third or fourth time when I got into Drexciya’s music and the opposition between the desertic world of one, against the aquatic world of the other was something that stayed in my mind for a while and inspired me when writing this music.

So after a few years I decided to get into this album, compiling the tracks that fitted the concept in the best way. I chose the Fremen to be the main characters of this album, like the inhabitant of Drecxiya Black Atlantis they are outcasts who grew a civilisation of their own into an extreme hostile environment.


As we’re sure you’ve recently seen, the UK has had a pretty justified response to the ongoing abuse of police powers and stripping of our basic human rights. During this time we’ve had a few friends that have gotten in to a spot of bother… SO YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO… so, S.Murk are going to be donating all funds from this, their third release in as many months, to assist in the ongoing legal nightmares faced by our friends, the ones who have been standing up for all of our rights in the UK. If that isn’t reason enough, how about the fact the EP is pure jungle fire?