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Latest Hellfish full length album out now!

The last year or so has seen an increase in full length albums by UK hardcore artists. Most notably, Dolphin’s Information Asymmetry and The DJ Producer’s Future Incognito both raised the bar and set a new standard in terms of both hardcore production and composition.

Not to be outdone, The daddy of Deathchant, the original UK hardcore badman, the meat machine broadcast system that is Hellfish has now dropped his first full length LP, Unmute The Mutant, in six years.

Unmute The Mutant, out now on Deathchant, might well be the finest album Hellfish has put out. It is certainly his most creatively ambitious. Yes, it is unmistakably Hellfish and yes, it certainly does belong on the Deathchant imprint, but it also shows a different depth, both in its sonic palette and its thoughtful composition.

The classic Hellfish signature moves are all here in abundance; chopped hip hop samples, breaks glitched to the max and of course hardcore kick drum production that shames nearly everyone else in the scene. But it is with tracks like Last Ride, Mr Friendly and Full Spectrum Warrior that we hear a different side to Hellfish. More synth and acid driven in some cases, reminiscent of Stazma or Anorak‘s acidic breakcore and electronica style.

For us, Unmute The Mutant truly is a Varispeed record. It ticks all of our boxes, covers all bases, has emotional depth and great production values. All without ever losing its hardcore edge and primary function of bringing you the rave like a brick in the face.

You can buy Unmute The Mutant on vinyl HERE or digital HERE.

Hardcore fans are celebrating today after a Sky News report confirming a sighting of the UK’s DJ Hellfish, since his disappearance on tour in Asia, speculation has been rife of his death. But yesterday, exactly 17 months later he was photographed clinging  to the underside of a taxi outside a pound shop in Wickford, Essex.

Apparently he told a traffic warden that he had been detained against his will under threat of death by chicken at the Fhing Xo Wak Siamese research lab and how he was conscripted into the organisation’s beta stripe hormone audio development project and forced to conduct aural torture on a recently discovered mongoose hedgehog vulture tribrid species.  Fortunately for us, he was in his own words ‘”running my own experiments when the cunts wernt lookin”. He went on to explain how following an accidental mass overdose amongst the guards, Hellfish successfully fled the Xo Wak facility and painstakingly made his way back to civilization via a canoe he managed to hire, a cooperative giraffe and a Uber car.  Escaping the brutal facility with his mind mostly intact and more importantly a brand new experimental album.

Hellfish: Unmute The Mutant* is available now on digital and as a limited triple vinyl from Toolbox Records.

*Warning:  This product has been refused a license by the domestic fowl association (DFA). Contravening rule 5b of the 1979 Poultry Care Charter, it is considered immoral and may enduse chicken psychosis!

A percentage of all funds raised will be donated to Miss Bourey Dingxiang to replace her canoe.