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Bicep invites The Teknoist… again!

Back in March 2023, the techno behemoth Bicep, invited Mike onto their radio podcast mix series, Feel My Bicep, as Technoist. He was showcasing his recent Grey Meta release under that moniker, as well as a ton of unreleased techno floorshakers he’s been working on throughout the previous year. Just to mix it up, he also invited legendary hardcore MC, Ribbzy, to collaborate on the set with him. We’ll link both the set and the Grey Meta release below, just in case if you haven’t had a chance to hear them yet.

Well, fast-forward to December 2023 and Bicep, gluttons for punishment that they are, asked him back for round two, except this time it is as The Teknoist. This can only mean that the usual mid-tempo Bicep crowd are about to get their faces torn off as Mike educates them in what the real UK underground sounds like. The mix features a ton of the Varispeed roster and extended hardcore/breakcore family. Artists like Anorak, Broken Note, Hellfish, Algorithmic, Smyla and Dolphin, to name just a few. It absolutely slams!

Each of Mike’s appearances on Feel My Bicep include mini interviews with the beast himself, so be sure to check them out in full.

FMB Mixtape & Interview 208: TECHNOIST (March 2023)

FMB Mixtape & Interview 228: THE TEKNOIST (December 2023)

Technoist – The Whippings of Mass Distraction (Grey Meta)

Mike also has a new release, as The Teknoist, on his Our Fucking Jungle label. OFJ #5 is a split between him and someone very dear to our heart, the amen legend that is Smyla. Both tracks are pure jungle fire, so get involved!