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New Fyerhammer Mix

Kick drum wizard Fyerhammer treats us all to a sonic orgasm and master class in deep, atmospheric techno with his latest mix. The tracklist is beautiful in itself and showcases some of the available material on his Fire Hammer label. The man himself even cited this mix has the most fun he’s had in ages. That can’t be a bad thing! So give it a blast here or download it direct from Soundcloud.

Track List:
Lakker – Mountain Divide
Balthazar & JackRock – Sin Eater
Fyerhammer & Schemo – untitled
Exium – Plankton
Xellmode – Ave It
Pinch – Obsession (the possession)
Pulse One – numbers
Paul Mac – Acid Relief
Woo York – in the end
Swarm Intelligence – Antenna
Adam X – Meridian Arc
Fyerhammer – Pelvic Sorcery
Exium – 96.1m
Somatic Responses – Ru6PeTeC
Fyerhammer – Monica’s Thursday Jam
Monolog (w/Balkansky) – AEAEGF
Duran Duran Duran – Rejectro
Tessela – Hackney Parrot
Exium – m.a.d.
Hecq – Flame 1
Endah – the diamond ring
Clark – Beacon

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