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Ned Rush (formerly known as RUDENHS) is a musician, producer, developer, curator and broadcaster, sound and media artist and internet personality. He is perhaps most well known for his eccentric Youtube channel which has acquired a cult following of fans including artists such as Jamie Lidell, Bogdan Raczynski and Machinedrum.

His live performances delve into his motivation to see how abstract you can make the dance floor. Beats are aggressive but funky. Textures and sound designs are digitally cosmic. Musical ideas straddle the euphoric and the horrific. Playful experimentalism foregrounds a solid musical agenda of sonic artistry and instrumental mastery to deliver a unique experience for the mind and the body.

Here is a little taster of what’s to come from Ned’s new live sets, which you can now book via Varispeed…

Ned released two albums in 2021. MODE II and Lager Rinse Repeat. MODE II is a showcase of Ned’s multi instrument skillls, demonstrating he is as at home behind a drum kit, guitar, bass or modular rig as he is Ableton. It has echoes of old Squarepusher, Two Lone Swordsmen and other early Warp records styles and the whole album feels very personal and expressive. Ned made the video for the single off the album, Sunshine Flows Into Trees, using Max MSP in Ableton Live to generate the imagery from the audio, which you can view here…

You can preview and buy MODE II in full here..

His second album of 2021 was Lager Rinse Repeat on the Acid Chicken label. This release is a lot more tongue-in-cheek than MODE II. Lager Rinse Repeat takes you on a wild ride through some of TV’s much loved jingles and other beautiful noises all heavily bashed out with Amen breaks. Filthy breaks and the jingles of yesteryear all with Ned’s own brand of breakcore jungly goodness.

The Aphex beats video below is a fine example of why Ned’s YouTube channel is so successful.