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Varispeed at Urbfest 2015 – Deathmachine B2B Dolphin

It will probably go down in history as one of the hottest UK raves ever, the Varispeed takeover room at this years Urbfest was all killer and no filler, nor was there much air!!

For those of you that missed out or for the ones who want to relive that amazing, sweaty experience, here is the recording the of 90 minute Deathmachine B2B Dolphin set. This set, as well as all the others, was completely off the chain and turned the room into an absolute frenzy. We hope you enjoy this recording as much as we enjoyed being there.

For those of you that did make the event and soldiered on through the blistering heat, raving your sweaty tits off, we salute you 🙂

*Sadly this is the only recording from the night that will be made public. This is because of some tech issues due to the heat in certain sets and because other sets had such new material in that we can’t make them public yet. I guess you should have been there!