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The DJ Producer – Revise, Deploy, Annihilate – Preview online now

The DJ Producer presents Revise, Deploy, Annihilate, his latest album, available on The Third Movement on 23rd February 2015.

This is one record we are very excited to get our grubby mits on. An entire album of The DJ Producer’s classic tracks, all remixed by the cream of the hardcore crop (including some of the Varispeed family members), plus a couple of new pieces from the man himself. He has even cited certain remixes as the best work from those producers in years. No small commendation. Just check out the stellar track list:

1. That Guitar Track (Mindustries Revision)
2. Doomsday Mechanics (Promo 3D Revision)
3. Completely Real (Fracture 4 Revision)
4. The Last Great Overdose (Ophidian Revision)
5. Problematic Frequency (Deathmachine Freq Edition Revision)
6. Last Man Standing (The Outside Agency Revision)
7. Centrifuge (N-Vitral Centrifrack Revision)
8. The DJ Producer – Futurepast
9. Underground Funk (Xaturate Revision)
10. Afraid (Igneon System Revision)
11. Out Of Control (Negative A Revision)
12. Quite Safe (Detest Revision)
13. Positive Outlook (Dolphin Revision)
14. The True Creators pt.3 (Hellfish Dedicated Revision)
15. Renegadedrumashe3en (Akira Ill Acclaimed Edit)
16. Knowledge (Grandpa Drokz Serial Killer Knowledge)
17. The DJ Producer – Something (Even) Stronger

Here’s the first preview:

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