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The Teknoist 2020 promo mix & news ft. Hellfish, Dolphin, Enduser & more…


The 1st half of this year sees Miike relaunching Ninja Columbo with the long awaited Lion Girl remix and Army of zombies remix EP from himself and Dolphin Official.

A collaboration EP with DJ Hellfish as the ‘Death Ninjas’ on Deathchant Records released just in time for their 1st ever back 2 back show at Balter Festival in May. *the follow up EP on Ninja Columbo out in the 2nd half of the year.

Keep your eyes out for scratch battles vs. Hellfish on his Instagram feed.

Collaborations with Enduser, AK-INDUSTRY and more Dolphin team ups are under way and planned for release before June, as well as an insane project with PASSENGEROFSHIT and a solo Ninja Columbo EP.

Lots to promote and tour and this also means more of his own material in his now legendary DJ sets.

News on the new techno label ‘Technoists’, coming very soon also.

Check out his 2020 promo mix from the PRSPCT Recordings vs Darkside set recorded late last year: