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Ruby My Dear – New agency addition & new album

Please welcome to the Varispeed family, a man of fine pedigree…yes that means releases on Peace Off & Ad Noiseam, Ruby My Dear!

Ruby My Dear, aka Julien Chastagnol, joins us with a new album in tow, Maigre. Another special release via Ad Noiseam and this one sees Ruby team up with his label cohort, the mighty Igorrr.

As you might expect from these two sonic warriors, just about every musical palette is covered on this latest release. If Venetian Snares remixed the Amélie soundtrack then you might be getting close, but that analogy still sells it short. We advise you check out the full review and excerpts direct from the Ad Noiseam website HERE.

“It is a perfect marriage of Igorrr’s epic multi-instrumentation and metal elements with Ruby My Dear’s sub-basses and rave influences.” Nic Ad Noiseam

Julien started his Ruby My Dear project back in 2010 with the release of his DJ Shadow’s “Building Steam with a Grain of Salt” remix, out on his own label, Reconstruction Productions. Now, four years later, he has produced 8 EPs on both Peace Off and Acroplane and now 3 full length albums on Ad Noiseam.

Performing live is also a large part of Juliens arsenal. He brings his intricate production to the stage to rework his studio pieces so naturally that it seems effortless. He is captivating and engaging to watch on stage as he blends sonic beauty with live energy.

Check out Ruby My Dear’s full Varispeed profile and recent live sets HERE.

Now taking bookings for both solo Ruby My Dear live shows and the new live show collaboration between Ruby & Igorrr.
Email for full details.