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Welcome to both Varispeed & PRSPCT…. DOLPHIN!

This hardcore pioneer and constant pusher of boundaries should need little introduction. It’s not just a case of being proud to have him amongst the Varispeed fold, he always belonged here, with the rest of his family; The DJ Producer, Scheme Boy and of course his long term collaborator, The Teknoist. It was clearly meant to be.

Please welcome that slipperiest of mammals, DJ Dolphin!

The last year or so has seen him focus his releases through his own Komplex Kommunications imprint and some mighty fine releases it has seen to. From the stunning Requiem For a Samurai on KomKoms001 to the abrasive nails of Army of Zombies on KomKoms003, Dolphin is one hardcore producer that cannot be ignored. He will always think of something you didn’t and deliver it in a way you never could.

His newest outing is on PRSPCT, a label that needs as little introduction as Dolphin himself. Here Dolphin has gone back to a hip hop / hardcore crossover reminiscent of the early Deathchant days but with a very obvious nod to the current PRSPCT sound. We’re sure both sides of the released will be rinsed upon its release on 3rd November 2014.