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New Releases: 2Methyl / Monster X / End.User & Gore Tech

Some exciting new material is about to be unleashed onto your poor unsuspecting ears. End.User and Gore Tech have been chipping away at a new collaborative EP and Monster X‘s new EP, Hunter, has been a long time coming but is finally ready to do you all some damage. But first, the debut album from bass maestro 2Methyl


In just under a week Ad Noiseam will be releasing Layer 8, the debut full length album from 2Methyl, an album we’ve been very excited about for some time now. It would be easy to let this album fall into the drum & bass category, but that sells it short in our opinion Yes, there are a lot of tracks from the album that are DnB centric, but it’s not just any old DnB. 2Methyl’s sound is highly evolved, technical, detailed and pristine, all whilst retaining the energy and groove you’d expect from top notch DnB. In addition to the DnB essence of the album there are tempo swings of all sorts, with techno and dubstep all getting a nod from this artist who has pulled styles and grooves from many genres and made them his own.

As Nic from Ad Noiseam says himself…“2methyl sets the mood from the very beginning of “Highway”: “Layer 8” is a dark, complex, very detailed journey, something accurately put into images by Okiko’s somber cybernetic artwork. The sound is crisp, great care is given to details, everything falls into place naturally, from the (very) hard beats of “Resilience” to the calmer respite of “Shelter”. But 2methyl’s music does not only stand out for its complexity and richness. It is also something which always bends the rules it pretends to follow. This is no regular drum & bass, no classic hardcore or crossbreed: the tempos are too changing, the beats are morphing too often. We are taken down a path which we think is familiar, only to end up in a place which is new, unexpected and more satisfying that we thought.”

Layer 8 is out on July 13th 2015 and can be ordered directly from Ad Noiseam HERE.


Now, let’s move onto another French beast, a monster no less…

It’s been way too long since his last official release and nobody is more pleased than us to hear some fresh slabs of meat from Monster X, an artist who lives and breathes his moniker more than any other.

Putting a tag on the Monster X sound has always been a difficult task. He is so adept at switching between electro breakbeats and frenetic 200+bpm breakcore that you can never predict where he will go next. That certainly applies to his live sets and with Hunter the same can be applied to his recorded output. Some tracks lure you in with twisted ambient soundscapes and slow, wet downbeats, but before long you’ve been thrown sideways across the room wondering what the hell just happened to you. To call the release a breakcore record would be doing it an injustice. Despite its speed and energy in places, it is much more akin to very heavy IDM record that you could expect from Autechre or Planet Mu artists like Datch’i, for example. Hunter is a record to immerse yourself in and let the monster devour you.

Hunter is out on July 20th 2015 on Murder Channel records and can be pre-ordered from Bandcamp HERE whilst you stream the first track, Hunter, in full.


To round of this little flurry of release news, next up is a little teaser from the forthcoming collaborative EP of End.User and Gore Tech.
Currently there is no set release date, but whilst we await firm news, here is a little preview to wet your appetites…


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