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Gore Tech releases Nemesystem

To celebrate 10 years since his first official release, EXE Last boss Gore Tech returns to his imprint to release Nemesystem, the follow-up to his 2019 Geist Fibre album. These six cold-metal, wave-ware slabs of sonic mastery push at the outer limits of dance floor acceptability and are drenched in his usual cyberpunk thematics.

Nemesystem is another example of Gore Tech fusing acute sound design with UK dancehall sensibilities. The producer has even recorded vocal passages for the track Datamosh, as well as his trademark use of granular hip-hop acapellas, welded into drum and bass on the tracks Laying Waste and Dread Seeker. 

The EP is presented with an outstanding remix of A Halo of Data by fellow EXE artist and Portugal’s drum and bass excellence, Crawler.

You can purchase the album direct from the EXE Bandcamp page HERE