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ReturnCodeZero – Memory Programme

Our dear friends at Grey Meta are just about to release the debut album of ReturnCodeZero, Memory Programme, and what an amazing and personal debut it is! Here’s what the GM crew had to say about it…

Here at the Grey Meta HQ, we consider this album a masterful piece of work. If released under the names of any of the electronic music deities of our time, ‘masterpiece’ would likely be used in countless abundance to describe this visceral journey. There is no denying the influence of Autechre or Aphex Twin embodied within Memory Programme. There are dashes of their influence in RetunCodeZero’s album, but that’s all there are, splinters of the finest fragments of electronic music influences.

It stands completely solitary, sounding like no one other than its creator. It glides perfectly alongside classic albums such as Draft 7.30; not once seeming out of place or under-par. It’s a style that is almost impossible to pull off completely, ‘organic-machine-glitch-music-with-soul’.

Seen as a glimmer of light, all four of us at Grey Meta consider Memory Programme to be a shimmer of hope during these most challenging of times whilst we are shrouded in the midst of a cold North European winter. Our advice to you is, put this on your biggest speakers, light the Netflix log fire, crank up the radiators, place that Hoffman tab you’ve been saving since the muddy Glade Festival on your tongue, hug your pillow and drift off grinning whilst bathing in this epically lush opus.