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Mathlovsky takes on 90’s rave, hip hop, techno and the art world

2019 has been a busy and prolific year for Mathlovsky. It’s seen him release an album dedicated to 90’s rave and hip hop (Grotesque), play a bunch of shows (notably the Varispeed hosted 20 Years of Peace Off shows at the 2019 Bang Face Weekender and again in Sofia, Bulgaria) and also saw the first exhibition of his paintings, held in Ghent, Belgium. It seems his creativity know no bounds.

And now, just to keep the momentum going, Mathlovsky has just dropped his debut release on the infamous Industrial Strength Records. The Uppgivenhets EP shows yet again that Mathlovsky can take to any style and make it his own. This time it’s hard techno with an industrial and acidic lilt. Techno that stomps out of the speakers and straight down your throat.

You can purchase Uppgivenhets EP from Juno or stream on Spotify.

Check out the previews of Uppgivenhets on Mathlovsky’s soundcloud:

Grotesque is also still available and can be previewed and purchased from Mathlovsky’s Bandcamp page: