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New Stazma EP & Vinyl Campaign

Stazma is back with another fresh slab of breakcore madness. He has split his moniker in two. This is his first release just as The Junglechrist. Here is what he had to say on the subject…

“The idea of splitting up my moniker into two distinct entities came without real thinking, I started signing records and tracks as just Stazma for quite a while already. But what happened to the Junglechrist in all this ?
He wasn’t gone that far. He was, as expected, making simpler tunes while his other personnality was not using the studio, taking some bits and pieces out of jams recorded without plans, turning those into junglistic mayhem.
And here we are with the Madness EP, a collection of three of those remixed jams, even more remixed by two good friends from the Pokora crew, Ronin and Amousement.”

Stazma the Junglechrist

The Madness EP is stripped down to his core jungle roots, compared to his Stazma release over the last few years. The result is a hard hitting dancefloor junglist classic.

In addition to the digital release via Pokara Sound System and his own imprint Concrete Collage, there is also a Bandcamp vinyl pressing campaign underway. Not only can you contribute towards the record getting pressed, but there are also options that include private tuition and performances by the man himself. Check out the campaign here…

After what has been an unreal couple of years for all of us, with both the Covid pandemic and the uncertainty that the Brexit decision caused, we are happy to announce that Stazma is taking bookings again and is keen to get back on the road. So, as always, email us to secure Stazma for your 2022 events…