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Engines of Re-Creation

Following on from the success of his debut album, Engines of Creation, Deathmachine has got some of his favourite peers and audio destructors to reconstruct some of the Engines tracks for a new sick EP on The Third Movement.  Previews can be heard below and you can buy the release from July 8th 2014.

Here’s what The Third Movement have to say on the project:

“After leaving a definitive mark on us Hardcore lovers with his highly anticipated, first solo album, Deathmachine ruthlessly returns with a remix EP showcasing four fresh interpretations of his blood, sweat and tears by none other than Rude Awakening, Petrochemical, N-Vitral and The DJ Producer.
These album tracks have been carefully selected, brutally deconstructed and re-awoken to push the listener into an audio free fall. No mercy shall be shown as you are surrounded by pummeling kick drums, offensive moods and distorted sounds with a Techno twist! Whilst staying true to their own diverse and individual styles; you can expect iniquitously crafted Industrial sounds throughout!
After listening to Engines of Re-Creation in its entirety, you will understand that the noise in us is a product of the improper treatment of our evolutionary rhythm shift. Whoa…”