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2methyl presents Drowned Landscapes

A new 2methyl release is always something get excited about, especially when it contains 7 brand new tracks and is coming out on one of our favourite labels, Murder Channel.

Drowned Landscapes presents a slightly different approach to 2methyl‘s previous releases. It still has the same attention to detail, the same brooding atmospheres and the high quality sound design we’ve all come to expect from this artist, but the main difference here is the groove and drum work. This isn’t a rave album, this is a true listening album.

His previous techy Dnb and Dubstep styles are not present on this record. Instead they have been replaced with a far wider range of tempos and grooves, some with a distinctly jazzy feel, some with a more hip-hop influence. Overall the drum work is lighter, freer and far less rigid then when he is in DnB mode. This makes Drowned Landscapes a much more unique sounding record, one that gets better with repeated listens. This is an album worthy of all our attention and will still be enjoyed for many years to come.

Preview and purchase the album direct from the Murder Channel Bandcamp page.