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Deathmachine & The Outside Agency – GEN175 #12

Can this really be the first time Deathmachine and The Outside Agency have collaborated on a release? It seems ridiculous that it hadn’t happened sooner. It is well worth the wait though. This 2 track slammer shows the world that when it comes to genuinely fusing DnB with hardcore kicks, there really is no better craftsmen than Stef, Frank and Noel. You can preview both tracks below and follow the link to purchase either the digital or vinyl version of this fine release

Here’s what Genosha Recordings have to say about this release:

The Outside Agency and Deathmachine had never collaborated until this release, and in retrospect they were most likely doing the world a favour. The simple reason for this is that the two monsters they’re letting loose upon the world on this release can only be described as extremely dangerous. The Outside Agency’s signature hard-hitting kicks and drum & bass percussion combine with Deathmachine’s signature hard-hitting kicks and drum & bass percussion to provide us with weaponry for the next two millennia. This is definitely one of the most hardcore releases on One Seven Five thus far. Guaranteed to work on most dance floors it finds in its path, as per usual. In all honesty it’s all just a big load of noise, but who doesn’t love that?