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Birth of The Teknochrist – Live @ Retox 15th Nov 2014

A few weeks ago our lovely friends at Retox in Rotterdam hosted Stazma and The Teknoist for their latest event. As well as some super sick line ups, Retox have also released a damn fine piece of wax from our American ambassador, End.User (see bottom of this post). To cement the blossoming friendship between Retox and our artists, Varispeed will be joining forces with them for our first showcase in Rotterdam in 2015. More on that later 😉

Going back to Retox’s most recent event back in November, we not only saw stellar performances from both Stazma and The Teknoist, but we also witnessed the birth of The Teknochrist, their first (of many we hope) back to back performances.

So kick back and check these videos of the night in question, plus the video for the Retox End.User release.

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The Teknoist part 1


The Teknoist part 2


Stazma the Junglechrist part 1


Stazma the Junglechrist part 2


The Teknochrist part 1


The Teknochrist part 2











End.User – Retox (RTX001)