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Gore Tech, End.User, Dolphin and The Teknoist all on one piece of wax…OUT 29th APRIL 2016

PRSPCT RVLT’s 12th release, Atlantic Warfare EP, is released on 29th April 2016 and is a sonic statement of intent. Politically charged, high ­octane punk ­themed drum & bass music created by the collective power­house that is Gore Tech and End.User.

This EP cold ­welds the rough edges of darkened Drum & Bass and Jungle together with total disregard for the rules. Born from End.User’s legendary jarring drum­ work and processing and fused with Gore Tech’s driving machine ­like sonic grooves, Atlantic Warfare is about to give breakcore the funkiest kick up the arse it’s had in ages.
The B-Side has been bolstered by the allied forces of UK based veterans Dolphin and The Teknoist who have teamed up to remix the Gore Tech track, Tear Gas.


Berlin based visual designer Ciners has created a visual manifesto in the shape of a music video for the original mix of Tear Gas featured on the B­-Side to add a motion graphic element to release, along with Tom Hamel’s macabre style of illustration for the sleeve.
You can watch the video in all its glory here:

And if 4 Varispeed artists on one record isn’t enough for you then lets not forget the whole enterprise has been lovingly mastered by our very own Stazma the Junglechrist. So that’s 5 of our boys all working together to bring you one fat as funk, floor tearing record. Give the preview a blast here:


All booking enquiries for any of these 5 superheroes to: