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New 2methyl Mix & Interview

2methyl has dropped both a new promo mix for his Drowned Landscapes album and a fresh interview for us to check out. The interview, mix and album are all being distributed by our very good friends in Japan, Murder Channel. Full article can be found HERE.

In the interview, 2methyl discusses his influences, production processes and the latest album, Drowned Landscapes. Here’s a few of his answers, but do be sure to check out the full interview on the Murder Channel blog.

Q. How long have you been making music? What was your first opportunity?

I started producing electronic music in 2006. I bought a second-hand Korg Electribe Es-1. It’s a small groove-box with a sampler. To begin with I wrote drum beats as a backing track to playing guitar over.

I then added basslines and I started searching on the Internet how to incorporate other pieces of hardware. And this is how I discovered electronic music, in a sort of reverse process. By the learning gears. It’s how I started 2methyl.

I worked for two years with only hardware before finally switching to a computer. I found it more convenient and less expensive. I still have good nostalgic memories of this era, when midi cables were running everywhere and 10 minutes were necessary to load files from floppy disks before setting my current track up.

Q. About music production. What do you start with when you make a song? What equipment are you currently using?

I’m using Renoise as my main software. It’s the tracker I started with when I stopped using hardware and switched to a computer. I guess the interface could be… ‘Disturbing’ but it’s a really powerful tool. I like seeing the names of keys and notes and I hate spending my time zooming in and out.

As for speakers, I owned a pair of Eve Audio SC208. I don’t really use headphone for production. It can trick you easily, but I sometime use an old broken HD-25 to check certain things, you need to switch to headphones to focus on stuff you haven’t really paid attention to, Such as: too much bass, bad stereo imaging, unpleasant resonance for example. In therms of plug-ins, I use a lot Ohmnicide (distortion plugin), Massive and Serum.

Q. How long have you been interested in music? What kind of music scene was there in your home town?

I grew up in a small village in the countryside of Burgundy. There’s not that many activities to do when you’re a kid. Basically, it’s playing soccer or playing a musical instrument. I picked guitar because my mother had one at home. I started learning classical guitar at 10 years old, switched to electric guitar when, I was a teenager.

Due to my work I ended up in Besançon 10 years ago. It’s a small city in the east of France. A small city but with a lot of good rock/metal bands and also an active electronic music scene, (Nao, Horskh and Tetra hydro k to name a few).