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Kanji Kinetic Returns!

After a nearly 2 year hiatus, Kanji Kinetic returned to gigging last summer with a string of UK festival dates. He is now back with full force and is about to drop a new EP entitled Nightmares.

The Nightmares EP will be available direct from Kanji’s bandcamp and features 3 original bassline monsters, plus a remix by Sample Junkie.

Visit his artist profile for biog, discography, booking requests and latest media.

Monster X – Democracy EP – OUT NOW

Following on from his Hunter EP (2015 via Murder Channel Records), Monster X is back with another sonic anvil to the face, Democracy, upon which his beats, acid and discordant atmospheres are melted down and beaten back into shape with new form and function.

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Fire Hammer 3 & 4 out now via EPM

2 Weeks ago we announced that Fire Hammer Recordings had signed with electronic music distribution giant, EPM-Music. And on the same day had released their 1st 2 ep’s to all major shops on the world wide winterwebs. Well now number 3 & 4 are available in all those stores. 2 solo EP’s by 2 artists that are equally as monstrous in their own unique way. Number 3 is by the label’s boss ‘Fyerhammer’ and the 4th installment by ‘Monster X’. If you love techno or electro of any kind, we dare you to not enjoy these releases.

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Fire Hammer Records signs distribution deal with EPM

Recently signing an exclusive distribution deal with EPM has been the best move for Fire Hammer Records as that company has it’s finger firmly on the pulse of music that is more than anything, forward thinking, and treats it’s partners as friends. Something very important to the label owner. The label itself though is ran by an artist that is more an overall force of nature than a regular composer or performer but has until recently kept his kraken like tentacles out of the more traditional techno movement, to a certain extent at least.

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