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The Teknoist – Passion Radio Mix

Another great mix from the one man wrecking ball, The Teknoist. Crank this to 11 and listen to him smash his way through the latest releases from his own imprints, Ninja Columbo and Our Fucking Jungle, not to mention some extras from friends.

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Welcome to both Varispeed & PRSPCT…. DOLPHIN!

This hardcore pioneer and constant pusher of boundaries should need little introduction. It’s not just a case of being proud to have him amongst the Varispeed fold, he always belonged here, with the rest of his family; The DJ Producer, Scheme Boy and of course his long term collaborator, The Teknoist. It was clearly meant to be.

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The Teknoist – I’m Not a Psychopath – Remix EP

Straight off the back of The Teknoist’s last outing Tank Alligator comes 3 remixes of ‘I’m not a psychopath’ by 3 masters of their field.

Dolphin supplies his trademark gargantuan robotic core, Dither does what he does best by making a 4 to the floor slammer and then there is Fortitude, who has created a breakbeat driven drum and bass roller.

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Ninja Columbo loves Björk

10 years since its conception and with a wealth of digital releases to its name, Ninja Columbo is now ready to drop its 10th vinyl. This release sees the 3 original Ninja crew members (Dolphin, The Teknoist and Scheme Boy) get back together to give you their take on the one and only Björk.

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