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Julien Caraz, aka Monster X, has been quiet on the rave scene in recent years, but don’t mistake that for inactivity. He has been extremely busy giving his time and skills to SampleTraxx for a series of three (so far) high-end sample libraries… Monochrome, Off The Grid and Radically Evolving. Each library is described below, along with audio examples and product links. However, before we get to those libraries, here are some thoughts on Monster X by Scheme Boy…

I can barely remember a part of my rave life that Julien wasn’t around for in some form. Back in London, during the early 2000s, we were always at the same raves as punters and then regularly booked on the same shows as performers. Our paths always crossed. Probably because of our similar and exquisite taste in fucked up music! In our early breakcore days, it soon became apparent that Julien was leagues above the rest of us, in terms of sound design. He was already getting professional sound design work whilst the rest of us were still scratching around squat parties, playing for free beers!

Discovering his early breakbeat material blew my mind at the time. Here was someone who, in equal measure, captured the London breaks ethos (in a Cursor Miner / Ben Best / Tipper kind of way), then arranged and chopped it all with that Peace Off breakcore mentality that is so synonymous with the French producers (then and now). On top of all that, he does it all with Autechre levels of sound design and spatial awareness. I didn’t know whether to punch him or kiss him. I still don’t! So, it is great to see SampleTraxx putting their faith in his skills and finally giving the rest of us mere mortals the chance to shine via his sound design skills. I am going to enjoy mangling the hell out of these samples to see what Monster X inspired chaos I can create.

Scheme Boy

A blast from the past with Monster X’s MC Eater from 2007…

Radically Evolving

Radically Evolving is a groundbreaking sample pack that blends raw noises, rich field recordings, natural elements, synthetic textures, and designed elements to create a dynamic sonic experience. From the subtle rustling of leaves to the thunderous reverberations of industrial machinery, Radically Evolving offers a foundation of hyperrealism. With an emphasis on experimentation and unique processing techniques, this library provides meticulously edited source material that can be manipulated to suit various musical genres and audiovisual projects.

What makes Radically Evolving truly special is its commitment to pushing the boundaries of sound design. The raw recordings capture the essence of various sounds from the natural world and beyond, providing a hyperrealistic foundation that can be transformed into something entirely new. This library is perfect for avant-garde composers and sound designers who thrive on experimentation and want to create truly unique sonic landscapes. Experience Radically Evolving

Off The Grid

Off The Grid is all about creating pulsing, dangerous underscoring with its broken organic loops, dark fragments, and unique atmospheres. With 450 tempo-labeled loops that sync perfectly with your session’s tempo, this library makes it easy to drag, drop, and play. The massive hits and signature sound effects add cinematic accents to your compositions. Off The Grid is perfect for producers looking for cutting-edge sounds for their cinematic and electronic music projects.

This library excels in building tension and atmosphere. The dark fragments and organic loops provide an ominous backdrop, while the signature sound effects and massive hits can punctuate moments of high drama. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone working in film, TV, or game production, offering a versatile palette of sounds that can enhance any scene or track. Discover Off The Grid


Monochrome is a top-tier sound effects library designed for composers, sound designers, and experimentalists. It combines a gritty electronic aesthetic with cinematic sound effects, creating a unique set of modern sonic tools. This library features heavily processed ambient field recordings, dynamic build-ups, powerful hits and slams, abstract foley effects, and an extensive selection of risers and cinematic kicks. Monochrome offers a mix of alluring and disorienting sounds that push the boundaries of sound design.

What sets Monochrome apart is its experimental aesthetic. Imagine long, dissonant echoes manipulated beyond recognition, paired with intimate atmospheres that carry a distinct emotional resonance. This library is both mesmerizing and unsettling, making it perfect for those looking to add a unique edge to their projects. Whether you’re scoring a film, designing game audio, or creating experimental music, Monochrome provides the tools you need to stand out. Explore Monochrome