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Mixes currently on rotation 24/7:

Scheme Boy – Boomtown Fair 2015
Miike Teknoist – Balter Festival 2017
Dr um – Balter Festival 2018
MacheeeN Boi – EXE M028 2018
Somatic Responses – Live modular set for Acroplane 2015
Scheme Boy – Defqon1 Festival 2014
Anorak – Passion Radio mix
The Teknoist – Relapse 2016
Undead Roniin – Promo mix 2013
MacheeeN Boi – The Gall of The Boi
Scheme Boy – Resonance FM 2007

The next live session is this Saturday (15th Dec) at 3pm with The Teknoist and Scheme Boy digging through their breakcore vinyl collections. Just in time to wet everyone’s appetite for the upcoming Varispeed Xmas & Stazma’s 30th Birthday Megarave.