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A hurricane, a trainwreck, a tank: Miike Teknoist’s take on the underground hardcore scene has always been a stormy and massive one. Here is an artist who confronts his music head-on and who gathers influences in a whirlwind of breaks, beats and bass. Jumping on the scene with renowned DJ sets, influenced by veterans of the hardcore sound such as Hellfish and The DJ Producer, The Teknoist was quick to make the jump from the decks to the studio, coming up with varied, powerful pieces of audio dynamite. Those initial tracks exploded on the scene, no matter how beat-up the equipment was that they were written on, no matter how young their author was, they soon found themselves released on high profiles imprints such as Planet Mu and Deathchant.

More tracks, more shows (from Brazil to Russia, from Manchester to Berlin), more records (on Peace Off, Nekrolog1K or Rebelscum and more): once it had started, The Teknoist’s storm didn’t know any respite. Gaining experience, he refined and sharpened his own style of meticulously shattered breakcore, of melodic yet monstrous hardcore and of harmonic violence. The Teknoist’s zombies go for the jugular, they do it in style and know exactly when to strike.

This talent for hardcore design led him to his first full length album, 2008’s Ad Noiseam release “…Like a Hurricane Made of Zombies”, which confirmed that he had become a main actor of the scene. This status was confirmed by the peer accolades of “Trainwreck Magnetism” (Ad Noiseam, 2011), featuring collaborations with µ-ziq, Hecq, Drumcorps and “End.User Shares Needles with The Teknoist” (Ad Noiseam, 2012) with End.User and Needle Sharing. In 2014, he manned the “Tank Alligator” (on Industrial Strength Records), a merciless combination of some of the hardest beats around with the most punk, ever changing attitude.

It seems impossible to get Miike Teknoist out of the studio. When he’s not writing his own tracks or practising for his sets, he runs the Ninja Columbo label (as well as its Our Fucking Jungle, Samurai Brylkreem and Fire Hammer sub labels), a house for not only his own music but also for material from Dolphin, Scheme Boy and countless other core legends and scene breakers.

There is a lot to discover in The Teknoist: hard beats, sudden breaks, crisp samples, a huge bass and most of all, an unequalled amount of energy. “A big fuck-off rave” is how this man’s music has been described, and it might just be the shortest, most of point way to introduce The Teknoist. We’re all invited. – Words by Nicolas Cheveraux

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17 hours ago

Miike Teknoist

a bit of a break but Miike is back with Scheme Boy / Ash Schemo to play as Undead Roniin at the Varispeed Xmas & Stazma's 30th Birthday Megarave 21st Dec ... See MoreSee Less

3 months ago

Miike Teknoist

Correct sized protective packaging finally arrived. 1st order sent me 7'' sized packets... anyway last of the last 2 weeks orders posted today. Thanks ... See MoreSee Less

3 months ago

Miike Teknoist

#throwbackthursday #tbt 11 years ago, Bong-Ra threw the most epic celebration of love that i have ever witnessed. He is rather lovable after all. The line up for the afterparty was ridiculous. venetian snares, Jason Forrest, Sickboy Milkplus, DJ Scotch Egg, Black Sun Empire, ROTATOR, end.user, Parasite, Sage & Westrum and also Mike Redman, hosting. Luckily for me, Enduser couldnt make it and i was called in to fill his mighty, bespectacled shoes. The event turned out to be possibly the best solo live set that id ever played or played since and just a ridiculously special memory. It also was where i first met the lovely Nicolas Cheveraux, who fought his way backstage to come and ask me to release a record on his 'little' label, Ad Noiseam... that record became ' a hurricane made of zombies'. and like i said, the full story of that things conception, i shall post before the months end and then il shup up about the damn thing for another decade. I also hung quite a bit with Jason's grandma, she was ace. Have a good day people. ... See MoreSee Less

3 months ago

Miike Teknoist

Quite a few lovely posts online from various corners of the internet, idependantly writing about ' a hurricane made of zombies'. A couple of reviews on discogs were forwarded to me and actually made me well up with emotion, reading how it made them feel and the impact it had had. There's just a couple more available and then i wont even have one. Id prefer people that will use it to own it instead. This is all about the process to me, not the end resluts. Im going to post the remaining orders tomorrow so if you've not got yours, its on its way. Also im taking bookings to play 'classics' sets. A few already in the books and its a thing iv never done before so get in contact and i promise something special. Have a great Monday. ... See MoreSee Less

3 months ago

Miike Teknoist

#throwbackthursday Iv been meaning to write something on Simon Underground for ages. I mean, Iv been meaning to write things on a million subjects for ages and il get them all done eventually, but the Simon Underground thing is important.

The fact is, without Simon, there would be no core scene in the UK or possibly the universe as we know it. He's an unsung hero in all of this. The people that know, know, but we all often forget. Im guilty of this sometimes. He is the epitomy of the term 'backbone' when it comes to real underground music in the UK.

Pushing 25 years ago I wrote Simon a letter, pre-internet, pre even the idea of an internet, when i was still in school. If my memory serves me right, it was in response to a handmade fanzine (homemade, photocopied magazine) type thing that id picked up in Dolphin's 3rd Planet Records. I wrote about the possibilities of core and about how it spoke to me like nothing else and im sure rambled on about other shit. He either replied or called me, im unsure which, we may have just spoke in a tiny rave in North Wales but i do remember him thanking me for the letter and we spoke about everything that id mentioned in it. He didnt speak to me as if i was just some stupid kid (which i was btw) but as a valued human being and friend, even.

Throughout my teenage years and early twenties he supported countless efforts from me and people i knew to contribute to hardcore. From fronting batches of vinyl to newly started record shops, often with them going under because of people being useless, young and shit with life. He obviously lost a shit ton of money. i know for a fact this happened a handful of times with just people i knew in North Wales, just in my teenage years, so i can only imagine how many others around the UK there was. Young people with good intentions just folding under pressure and inexperience, it happens. Still though, Simon would have lost a fortune, im sure. Throughout countless times that people and even myself have fallen in to some game of scene politics without realising, Simon has been there and been supportive and unjudgemental.

He is now the stable where all of my core related record labels live and has been for maybe a decade now. Even running the legendary Live Evil parties in London for again, as long as i can fucking remember. I think the 1st one was in a mead serving tavern in 1783.

He's seen and helped EVERYONE that core has had to offer and often seen them come and go... sometimes come back... or just stay 😉 He's been a great influence, business partner, distributor and friend... oh and lets not forget DJ! He's an incredible fucking DJ, directly influencing the style in which i mix with a couple of other influencers from when i 1st picked up 2 vinyl.

These are just a fragment of the things that i could mention about him but i think iv made my point and i know for a fact that everyone in this photo has had very similar experiences with him too. The pic was taken 4 years ago at a Live Evil night celebrating 10 years of my Ninja Columbo label. It is one of the best photos that i can think of. To say im proud to be amongst such powerful, gifted and just good fucking people would be an understatement.

Thanks Simon, you fucking rule, mate.

New Ninja Columbo releases coming soon btw 😉

Left to right: Deathmachine Dolphin Official Simon Underground The DJ Producer DJ Hellfish Matt Green & Me... Stef Eyre Simon Wiltshire Luke McMillan Julian Cobb Matt Green
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