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Sickboy Milkplus

It is with great pleasure that we present Sickboy, an artist who has been an integral part of both the birth and development of the breakcore since its early conception. He also originates from breakcore’s spiritual home, Belgium.

Like a damn blizzard of kick drums and over-the-top destructo-rave rhythms, Sickboy delivers some of the most mind blasting audio belligerence the modern world has ever heard!

Playing all over Europe, UK, Japan, Australia, the U.S.A., Sickboy has been taking the world by storm with his unique blend of high octane neo-rave jams since the dawning of the current millennium.

Sickboy has quickly gained international support and acclaim releasing his hyper-jams through labels such as Tigerbeat6, Ad Noiseam, Peace Off and Cock Rock Disco, all whilst building a strong following for his energetic live performances. Couple his touring and release achievements with the fact that he is also the co-founder and resident of the infamous Breakcore Gives Me Wood parties and what you have in Sickboy is nothing short of breakcore royalty.

To quote his bio: “The tradition of combining perversity and playfulness into a true soundclash has never left post-modern music alone. Sickboy has more than upped the ante with this hairsplitting slab of digitized breakestral chaos, never suggesting melodies or functional rhythms it draws from but juggling without remorse on the dividing line between acceptability and grimy flavoured cynism.”

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