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Monster X

There are few artists that live up to their name. Julien Caraz aka Monster X is one of those special few. For when he takes to the stage, a monster is truly unleashed.

Watching him head butt his way through a myriad of midi controllers and self built Reaktor modules is one of the finest things any fan of extreme and abrasive music can witness. It’s not surprising to learn that Julien’s not so humble beginnings started in a 12 piece thrash metal band before he turned to Native Instrument’s Reaktor to help him destroy audio, ears & souls as a solo artist.

Although a professional radio/tv sound designer by day, its his night time persona as Monster X that has gained him notoriety worldwide, both as a live performer and recorded artist on such labels as Peace Off, Tigerbeat, Bedroom Research and Mutant Sniper, to name but a few.

I’ve had to follow some giants of electronic music at various gigs over the years, but none instil more fear in me than trying to follow Julien. I’d sooner go head to head with Godzilla” – Scheme Boy

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Oioioi !!! People of the United Kingdom and subjects of the Empire , I will be leaving you on 1st August , so if you want to book me for a 1 hour 30 mins set of Monster X in Uk , NOW IS THE TIME !!!
Get in touch with me or send an email to Ash :
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Tomorrow London come get slaughtered !!!
Skirmish presents Monster X, Fedka the Irritant, thatboytim
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Skirmish presents Monster X, Fedka the Irritant, thatboytim

May 12, 2017, 10:00pm - May 13, 2017, 5:00am