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Gore Tech

The dystopian anxiety fueled sounds of Gore Tech represent the cutting edge in nuevo-industrial, future-phobic DnB.

From as early as 2011, Gore Tech has been welding together the rough edges in state-of-the-art technophobic nightmare-ish sound-scapes, working in collaboration with other production outfits, bands and products alike to produce their unique styles of drum & Bass,future-Doom and Dub. Inspired by cyberpunk novels, Manga videos, Free-parties held in the Industrial wastelands of Europe, folklore, the macabre and the occult.

Blazing a trail of neon lights and broken circuits, Gore Tech continues to push the ever expanding boundaries set by artists before them through-out europe and the world into the intense fast approaching future.

From Scandinavia to the Middle East, Gore Tech has spent the last two years playing a fierce string of shows from all spectrum’s of the alternative music scene, from all out dystopian free parties in abandoned bunkers in Beirut to playing support slots for the likes of Anaal Nathraakh on the big stage Death metal scene of Birmingham,UK, as well as numerous festival appearances from Belgium’s Rave circus the Tribes Gathering to Sweden’s prestigious electronic arts festival in Norberg.

Following releases on Ad Noiseam, Peace Off and Murder Channel, Gore Tech has been working hard on performing blistering live sets mangling together the edges of the hard underground music from Doom to Grime, Hardcore to Jungle. All mixed together with his unique blend of industrial and mechanical sounds.

Gore Tech is currently working on his new album along with numerous other projects involving breakcore and metal legends Bong-Ra, End.User and Anaal Nathrakh.

Gore Tech is currently taking worldwide bookings and we’re happy to be exclusively representing his UK interests.

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I want to tell you all a little bit about myself, I was born in the 1980s to working class parents in the North of England. Back then my Dad was working in the Quarry and my Mum was a cleaner at the local Social Club. When I was born the Doctors explained to my parents that I may not live through the night on account of a number of serious heart defects, despite this I underwent a series of complex corrective surgeries that would span over six months. Doctors, Surgeons and Nursing staff worked tirelessly to give me a chance at life.

I've never taken this for granted, I've always known that I owe everything I am to a well funded and resourced National Health Service and were it not for this institution neither myself or my Brother would be here today.

The Labour Party founded the NHS shortly after the second world war, it was founded on Socialist values at a time where Britain was at its poorest.

Throughout my time here I've been able to travel to and work in countries where access to free healthcare is not a basic right, but something you need to pay for or take out an insurance policy against. I dread to think what may have come of me had I not been born in England.

It's our collective responsibility to fight for this institution and keep it well funded, well staffed and available for generations to come, as generations before us did.

This upcoming General Election on June 8th will be one of the most important elections of a generation, It will also be (in some small way) be my chance to say thank you to the NHS, by ensuring we vote to keep it in the hands of the British public and keep it there for all.

I call on all those capable who've partied with me, enjoyed my music and attended the shows over these few years to vote Labour on Thursday, June 8th. Don't let anyone tell you your vote isn't important, Every single voice will be heard.

Remember, Not voting isn't rebellion, it's surrender.

Gore Tech
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Thank you Bristol for an awesome party, Remember....

Strong and stable, strong and stable, strong and stable.

Get registered. -
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Fear and loathing in London town! Looking foward to Live Evil London in June. ... See MoreSee Less

Bristol! you're in for a treat, I've got some monster breakcore mashups from the vault just for this set,

Krafty Pk and I are looking forward to causing mayhem with Bong-Ra, end.user and ShITmAT at the The Black Swan for Monsters Of Mash Up Tour 2017 - Bristol
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Photography by Bertrand Robion
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