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Varispeed Showcase Events

June 2015 is upon us which means it must be showcase month! To get the ball rolling we have 2 events this month. The first is in our spiritual home of Bristol (UK) at this years Urbfest and the second is across the channel with our beloved brothers and sisters from Retox in Rotterdam (NL). Both cities have been synonymous with breakcore and hardcore over the last 2 decades, so what better locations to begin the Varispeed showcases.

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S01E01 – We’ve got ears and we use ’em

The first episode of our radio show/podcast is now online. On this occasion your hosts Ash Schemo and Miike Fyerhammer lay waste to a range of pointless topics including, liberals, cancer, Aphex Twin, the bad guy from Arrow, petition sites, quitting smoking and racist raisins.

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