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New Releases: 2Methyl / Monster X / End.User & Gore Tech

Some exciting new material is about to be unleashed onto your poor unsuspecting ears. End.User and Gore Tech have been chipping away at a new collaborative EP and Monster X’s new EP, Hunter, has been a long time coming but is finally ready to do you all some damage. But first, the debut full length album from bass maestro 2Methyl…

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Gore Tech – Mainframe Warfare Mix III & Tour News

Our very own Buxton goat boy, Gore Tech, is back with another chunky mix of breakcore, hardcore, DnB, crossbreed, bass, metal and remains balls out for the duration. It highlights perfectly why people can’t get enough of him live at the moment. Pure fucking energy from beginning to end.

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S01E01 – We’ve got ears and we use ’em

The first episode of our radio show/podcast is now online. On this occasion your hosts Ash Schemo and Miike Fyerhammer lay waste to a range of pointless topics including, liberals, cancer, Aphex Twin, the bad guy from Arrow, petition sites, quitting smoking and racist raisins.

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