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Return Code Zero, the latest idm/electronica/techno maestro hailing from sunny Manchester, has been impressing us with his live sets over the last 2 years. So, we figured it was time to officially include his rich, atmospheric and frenetic modular stylings to the Varispeed family.

He currently has 2 EP’s available on the Fire Hammer imprint (under his old alias, Xellmode), including his collab EP with label bossman Fyerhammer.

Return Code Zero makes huge leaps and bounds as an artist every time I see him perform and I’ve enjoyed watching his creation process evolve over recent years. No matter what though, he makes serious fucking music that doesn’t fuck about. Whether it be emotive and beautiful, wonderfully technical and detailed, or just straight dank, moody and heavy. Typing this, I just realised that this is every box ticked in the list of ‘true artist’ and ‘what your ears should ever want’. He is a joy to listen to, watch grow and his enthusiasm when discussing music is infectious. You should just fucking book him for a beer as well as a live set.

The Teknoist